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About us

We have started our work in 2009 year. Nowadays we have several agricultural Enterprises in Samarskaya Area and Orenburgskaya Area. We grow lentil, wheat and chik-pea. Also we have the technical cultures like yellow and white mustard, sunflower, flax, rape and safflower. For Companies which are in a livestock feed-sector we would like to offer the lupineand other forages.

Our lands are in Orenburgskaya and Samarskaya Areas - this is the Central part of  Russia with the convenient transportation connection point.

Our staff members - expert agriculturists; young, responsible specialists which would like to offer you the best product that we are cultivating at the moment.

Quality – according to GOSTstandards of the Russian Federation.  All our products pass through the stronglaboratory testing in the accredited authoritiesand have necessary quality certificates.

Packing – according the Buyers needs.

Delivery – any land or/and sea transport.

Payment – L/C, T/T, after acceptance procedure by the Buyer in the destination point - negotiable.



Russia, 443083, Samara city, 22 Partsezda 1B Str.